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So you’ll notice I haven’t written for a couple weeks, and by now, the three of you who read this thing are beginning to question my drive to keep up with it. Or you just haven’t noticed/cared. Either reaction is normal. You would be right to question that drive, though, as it’s been pretty non-existent as of late. Not because of laziness or apathy but because of defeat.

They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry (Yes, that’s actually how the adage ends, I had to look it up because no one ever says the whole thing anymore.)

Well, what happens when every single one of those best laid plans go awry? Even the plans that weren’t even laid yet. The “virgin” plans, if you will.

Things spiral out of control, that’s what happens. A car breaks down, a cell phone dies for good, unexpected bills appear, the savings is wiped clean, new job prospects are lost, family members become gravely ill, sickness from stress sets in, plans to move fall apart.

Now, I’m not one to believe in curses or other such voodoo nonsense but this is the sort of thing that could certainly turn me around. If anyone has any chicken bones, small human shaped pin cushions, and some family members in New Orleans, please contact me immediately for de-cursing.

Joking aside, these last couple weeks have taught me something about perseverance. When everything around you is crumbling down and looks bleak as hell you just need to tell yourself, “this too shall pass.” Everything isn’t going to stay shitty forever; eventually things are going to get better. Once they do, you’ll appreciate it more because of the crap you had to crawl through to get there. Trust me, I’ve seen Shawshank Redemption enough times on cable to know this.

Seriously, is there anyone who can not watch that movie if they pass it on TV?

It also helps to have someone by your side who can be just as strong as you are in the face of certain doom. In a time when Elle and I’s respective stress levels would normally be causing all sorts of rifts and arguments, we’ve been taking it as it comes and dealing with it as it goes. We’ve strived to look on the bright side of our recent predicaments and we have a bright outlook for the rest of the year despite our shitty Spring.

I’m a lucky man to be marrying that woman. She has the determination of a lead anime character and the sassy, no nonsense, attitude of that lead characters best friend.

So, just remember when life is beating the shit out of you and chucking lemons at your face, tell life to fuck off! Demand to see life’s manager! Then make a nice cool glass of ICED FUCKING TEA because life lemons can go to hell!