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So this past weekend was AMAZEBALLS! (I’m aware the internet doesn’t like that word anymore but whatever, I still do!)

Many of you might be aware of International Tabletop Day. A day when tabletop gamers all over the world get together and enjoy their favorite hobby for fun, for prizes, for free stuff, and for glory! My gaming group decided to meet at a fairly new shop since they were providing free pizza, free swag, and a hefty discount on games! Also Rob, the owner, is a super nice dude…I’ll put a link at the bottom of the post for his shop if any of you fellow Indianapolis residents want to check him out! **Shameless Plug, AHOY**

So to give you an example of what Tabletop Day entails if you aren’t familiar, I’ll give you a rundown of everything we played that day. We started off with Pandemic and all the expansions which was a new experience for most of us. We followed that with some Epic Spell Wars before transitioning into a five player game of Ascension. Then we wrecked house in Sentinels of the Multiverse, destroyed many a hero in Boss Monster and told some depressing stories in Gloom using our newly acquired promos featuring Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. By then, the store was closing and we decided to head back to the apartment and try out our freshly bought copy of Spartacus and finishing up the night with a light game of Love Letter. We played so many games that day I feel like I’m forgetting some! The pizza was delicious, the venue was awesome and it was good times with good friends.

For the uninitiated, that last paragraph probably reads like Ancient Sumerian. Even with tabletop gaming growing more and more as a hobby each year, it’s not surprising to get weird looks from people; the kind of people who only know boardgames as Monopoly or Clue.

I should note that I freaking love Clue and I will not abide any unkind word spoken against it…but you get my point.

It’s a shame that there are so many people who don’t, or won’t ever, have a chance to experience the lush and ever growing world of tabletop gaming beyond those created by the Brothers Parker or Mr. Milton of Bradley.   The stories you can tell and the fun you can have are what drew me to the hobby and is one of the contributing factors to helping me pull out of my downward spiral of depression. On a day like Tabletop Day or anytime we’re able to get together with our friends and play games, I’m able to forget about all the troubles of life. Where some people turn towards alcohol or drugs, I have cards and dice.

I look forward to sharing these experiences with my children as well, passing down these pieces of cardboard and cardstock as heirlooms, so that they can teach their kids one day. In a world ruled by technology and “I need it now” mentality, you have to take a step back and show the newer generations that there’s more to life than “selfies” and social media. Trading Wood for Sheep, Scoring the Longest Route, Rolling for Initiative or Flushing out the Spies; these are all ways to enjoy life and the people around you.

I would honestly hate for humanity to end up like it does in WALL-E: fat blobs floating around unaware of anything outside of their own little world of entertainment. Board Games can help keep that from happening. So if anyone out there reading this doesn’t know about the world of board games already, go find a friendly local game store and see what new wonders await you! I guarantee they’ll change your life for the better.

“But you don’t have to take my word for it…”


Reading Rainbow reference anyone? Anybody as old as I am? No? …Awesome. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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